11 universal laws to building financial freedom

With Daniel Alonzo

Did you know there are universal laws to get to your dreams faster, and create wealth while having fun on the beach or anywhere in the world? 
This book is going to show you the secrets!
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Daniel Alonzo has been mentoring, changing lives and creating entrepreneurs all over the world for 25 years! His sole purpose and mission is to enable others to build freedom through wealth creation.

Today, Daniel Alonzo is finally here to share his secrets with you in his first highly anticipated debut book WEALTH ON THE BEACH, co-authored with Kasey Phoenix Casal giving you the 11 universal SECRET laws to building Financial FREEDOM.


Wealth on the Beach was written for anyone that’s trying to get their fair share out of this life! Did you know there are Universal laws that can help you get to your dreams, faster, while having more fun?

What You Will Learn

1. Why some people are successful while most struggle through life.
2. Why the Leaders get all the goodies.
3. How to create massive, passive income so you can live life on your terms.
4. To start living more and working less.
5. How to make your yearly salary, monthly!

Who You Will Network With

Ever wanted to mingle with the wealthy and affluent who are where you want to be? 

Wealth On The Beach will show you the minds of the wealthy and how they think, act and move. So you can you can replicate their success.

Create a strong inner circle of winners and align to a higher vibration.

How To Master Financial Intelligence

Learn where the wealthy invest, how to 10x your networth and live in a life of abundance.

Learn not only how to make money, and invest money but how to create real lasting wealth.

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Get Inspired By People At The Top of Their Game.

I hand-picked leaders who are at the top of their game … who multiply success … who I have the utmost respect for … and I know will be bringin’ it with massive amounts of value!


"One of the BEST!"

We have been friends for over 20 years, I've watched Daniel go from a kid making seven dollars an hour to becoming a millionaire, top producing sales trainer, business leader and coach. He's built a great business and developed many successful people because of his solid understanding of people skills, sales skills and leadership skills.

  • Chris Howard, National Sales Director

"He's the REAL Deal!"

Daniel is real! You get what you see. He's truly a positive person that sees the best in others and believes the best about others. A phenomenal leader that has a tremendous ability to inspire and teach at the same time.

  • Collis Temple, author, "Work like a Slave, Think like a Master."

"Daniel Inspired me!"

"Daniel Alonzo has been an integral part of our professional growth in this industry. He has helped thousands of people in our company, and continues to do so on a daily basis. He is an inspiration to many, and we are really excited to see him coach more people to become a better version of themselves!”

  • Luis Guico, Regional Vice President

"Kasey is Amazing!"

"Kasey is absolutely amazing. I can definitely say that she will relieve any blockages in your life, and pinpoint what you are supposed to do and what your life purpose is. She will answer any questions you have relating to money, relationships, life or anything else. I am truly grateful the universe brought me to her. I was personally feeling stuck, and Kasey helped guide me to what the universe wanted me to do. Kasey is all about empowering women and will literally transform your life!”

  • Angolina Amores, Former Miss Australia

"Kasey has been a key advisor for my life!"

"Kasey is a trusted business advisor whom I have had a strong relationship with for a number of years. Her intuition in understanding people and businesses on a deeper level surpasses the normal. She has been a key advisor for me and is someone who will absolutely transform and elevate your life.”

  • Mahan Shishineh,                             Former CEO Harcourts Australia

"What a gift to the world!"

"Kasey's words are truly inspiring. Her writing is a gift to the world, and has had great influence on all of us."

  • Ria Recommends, Editor for Inquirer.Net Lifestyle Influencer and Enthusiast

Meet The Authors



Daniel Alonzo

Investor, Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur

Daniel Alonzo has dedicated his life's mission to relentlessly pursuing financial freedom. Now, he's focused on helping people like you get yours!

Attaining the high quality of life, freedom he was able to build for his family - he felt a great need to provide this knowledge, and secrets of the wealthy to you.

Daniel strives to make an even bigger impact in the lives of the masses and to help as much people get out of the 'Corporate Nightmare' and into fulfilling and living their dreams through the same secret formula of success he has followed himself.

The blueprint is here!

"I am Daniel Alonzo, I've helped thousands of people escape the rat race, and now I want to help you! This is my gift to enlighten you and awaken you to truly live your life on your terms. To give you my blueprint and my personal journey to help you get out of your corporate nightmare - and into

Kasey Phoenix Casal

2 x Author, Writer. Spiritual & Life Coach / Influencer
Business Advisor, Entrepreneur (Masters in Psychology)

A teen mother and single mother of two, Kasey came from humble beginnings. Working in Corporate Australia for over 12 years, in the biggest banks to becoming one of the youngest HR executives. Kasey then became one of the most successful corporate headhunters in Australia - recruiting brokers, investment bankers, wealth managers and finance executives. Achieving what she thought was the 'Great Australian / American Dream'.

Until the dream became a nightmare, going through a divorce being left as a single mother... having to start all over again, Kasey left corporate at the age of 27 after the birth of her second child. She found some freedom from investing through property and building passive income, but needed to know more meaning to life and understand a higher purpose more than just 'making money'.

After travelling the world and going through a deep spiritual awakening, she realized there had to be more to life than living to work, pay off a mortgage, pay bills, run a household, have children and die.

Her relentless thirst for higher knowledge and quest to understand a deeper level of universal laws, spirituality, psychology and quantum physics with research of over 7 years
led her to becoming a key public figure and leader in spiritual enlightenment. Teaching the fundamentals of energy science, subconscious priming and mechanics of the true 'laws of attraction' to attain true life satisfaction, meaning and higher purpose.
Daniel Alonzo brings you a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, business acumen and life experiences to help you create the life of your dreams on YOUR TERMS through the 11 key fundamental laws that are universal to creating lasting wealth and building massive passive income!


Find out the secrets to developing financial intelligence, maximizing your energetic field and using these Universal Laws to visualize, align your vibration to your ideal reality and take massive action in the direction of a life without limits - out of the 'matrix' world. 

Make the big break from corporate, today! #doitnow 


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